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We Help Teens, Adults, & Families Break Addictive Patterns  
(without going to rehab)
Addiction Treatment Review
"The work you did seems to be sticking.  I feel like you saved my life, and I will be forever grateful for that."

Hello & Welcome !


I'm guessing you've landed on this website for one of two reasons.  


1.  You're trying to get your drug or alcohol use under control, or

2.  You're trying to find a way to help someone else get their drug or alcohol use under control.


Either way, drugs or alcohol (or some other compulsive behavior) are causing way too many problems for you and your family!  It's consuming your thoughts and interfering with your life, your family, and most of your happiness. 


You're generally a good person, who works hard, values your relationships, and you have historically been a fairly responsible person, but somewhere along the way, things have taken a turn for the worse.  


Drugs or alcohol might not be causing problems every day, but on occasion the "you know what" hits the fan! 


Afterward, you find yourself stuck in the same old arguments, making promises (or threats) that you mean at the time, but ultimatley don't stick.  


You're beyond frustrated. 


You're sick of arguing about it.


You just want out of this trap! 


You've tried to conquer the issue by yourself, and sure, you've had some success but nothing long term.


The problem just keeps coming back and it seems to be getting worse.  If it weren't for this one issue, life would actually be pretty good. 


You'd be able to focus on more important issues like the people closest to you, your life, and your future.  Which is why you've decided things have to change!


You've spent enough time feeling worried, resentful, and shameful.  


                                                                                                             You're ready to get your life                                                                                                                     (and your family) back on track! 


                                                                                                             You're looking for                                                                                                                                     someone who knows what                                                                                                                       they're talking about and can                                                                                                                 give you the direct advice for                                                                                                                 how to solve this problem                                                                                                                       once and for all! 


                                                                                                             Maybe you happened across                                                                                                                   Hope For Families because                                                                                                                     lGoogle led you here, but                                                                                                                        most likely you've been                                                                                                                           refered by someone you trust. 


You've heard Hope For Families is the best when it comes to helping people (and their families) struggling with drug or alcohol problems. 


Campbell and Amber Navy_edited.jpg

Let's face it, you're not here because you want to pay a counselor to listen to you talk about your feelings once a week! 


You're here because you want SOLUTIONS!  

You might be thinking, but isn't that what counselors do?  Don't they listen to people talk about their feelings? 


Here's the deal...


Yes, we are counselors by training.  Sure, we have all the fancy degrees and licenses on the wall, but you need something more than a good listener. 


You're desperate for someone to tell you how to fix it.


You need someone who can figure out why this happening in the first place.


You see, counselors are trained to listen somewhat passively and wait for you to figure out your own solution, and that's great in some scenarios, but not when it comes to alcoholism or addiction.


Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful!  If you want to beat it, you're going to need an expert who knows what addiction is going to do before it happens.  


You need someone who knows addiction/alcoholism so well they can predict exactly what's going to happen next.


You need someone who will help you stay 5 STEPS AHEAD.


A soldier who's fought and won this battle hundreds of times before. 


You're fighting for your sanity, your family, and your future


It's going to take more than some simple slogans. 


It's going to take a specialist to lead you out of this maze.  It's time to get out.


You need a team with the capability to treat every aspect of this problem.  Professionals who get beyond the addiction, get to the root of the issue and help you conquer this monster once and for all.


We can help you outsmart this disease! 


Because We Get It! 

Watch Campbell's Story Now

* Because you're tired of spending money and time on things that only solve part of the

   problem, you want a long term solution! 

* Because you need someone who will take your unique circumstances into account.

* Because you don't want to spend a minimum of $30,000  (if you don't have to) for you, or

   your loved one, to be locked up in a treatment facility for 30, 60, or even 90 days!

* Because you want to go to a top notch treatment facility, not some sketchy place you

   feel embarrassed about.

* Because you refuse to let addiction take anything else from you or your family!

* Because your family is worth it! 


Middle Aged Woman
"I learned more about my daughter & how she works, as well as the other family members and myself, in 2 sessions than I did in years at other places. After every session, I come out thinking “wow” that was informative. "  
Addiction Treatment Review
Support and guidance from Hope For Families for tough decisions that only Hope For Families can understand.  A typical therapist does not  understand the challenges of a parent with a son with the disease of addiction. 

Why Make  the Investment at Hope For Families?

Addiction Treatment Review
"Hope for Families is the best thing that ever happened to our family! "   -B.B.

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Getting people off of drugs and alcohol is just the beginning. We help you regain your self-confidence, save your family, and reconnect you with your purpose!