Is Your Kid Putting Vodka in Their Apple Sauce Squeeze Pouch?

I was talking with an acquaintance the other day about his kids going to prom, and I learned that the new thing is for teens to put alcohol in squeezable fruit pouches.  Sad to say that I wasn’t even shocked.  My first thought was  “Wow, that must have took some serious funneling to get it into that small little opening”.

Kids have been taking alcohol to school functions and other public places forever. Typically, I hear about it being put into Mountain Dew or Sprite bottles though.  This is the first I’ve heard of this, but I guess it does make sense.  The pouches are small and flexible so they are easier to carry on your person.

Apparently, these prom kids had them taped to their bodies under their prom clothes.  This is most definitely a terrible idea and it scares the heck out of school officials and parents. But, I won’t jump to the conclusion that all these kids have a problem with alcohol, because I get that prom is a big occasion, and I’m sure they think this is the best way to make it more exciting.

However, if you find that a kid is bringing alcohol like this during the regular school day or to work, it’s more likely a sign of a bigger problem.  To me, this indicates something beyond teen experimentation or social drinking.  If you saw that an adult was sneaking in alcohol to work and drinking during the work day, you would definitely think that person has a problem.  For sure, if a kid is doing this….IT AIN’T GOOD!

There are so many sneaky ways that kids are doing drugs and drinking these days.  Don’t think that just because their eyes aren’t red or you can’t smell weed on them, that your kid isn’t doing drugs/alcohol.  You may also want to check out the article called “should I let my kid drink before they are 21?”.