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New Client Assessments

We believe it’s vital to get as much information as possible before beginning the treatment process, which is why there are 4 parts to our assessment process.

Free Phone Consultation: You can make an appointment directly with one of our specialists to talk about your situation. This allows us to get to know you and allows you to decide if we are the right fit. After the phone consultation, we will schedule a diagnostic interview with one of our licensed clinical staff members. Most often, we will also ask to meet with a family member for a family assessment. In addition to these interviews, we will also do some standardized computerized testing. This allows us to look for any underlying problems or concerns not easily detectable.

The price for a full diagnostic evaluation is $500.00.

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Alcohol/Drug Abuse Assessments for Legal Purposes

For individuals who need an assessment for legal reasons, we can conduct your assessment in a private and confidential manner. Upon completion of the assessment, you will be provided with the needed assessment reports. There are several standardized assessments that may be used for this process. Hope For Families can administer the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), the Substance Abuse Subtle Inventory (SASSI), and the Behaviors and Attitudes Drinking and Driving Scale (BADDS). We may also perform a urine drug screen.

The cost for legal assessments is $300.00 plus lab fees (if needed). To schedule a legal assessment, call 864-906-2395.

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Sometimes, you can’t commit to being in therapy, but you need some professional advice about a particular situation. At Hope for Families, you can schedule a one-hour (in-person or phone) consultation with one of our therapists. This will give you the time to talk through your specific situation and get the answers you need, to make a decision, about how to handle your situation.

The cost of a consultation assessment is $180.00 per hour.

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Enneagram Personality Assessments

The Enneagram Personality System will help you better understand yourself and others. This information is highly useful in helping you overcome the personal barriers that are blocking you from your full potential. This model can be used for your own personal growth, to better understand relationships, and is also very useful for creating more effective work teams.

Here are a list of personal and relationship benefits as described by Enneagram-UK.com.

Personal Benefits:

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves positive thinking
  • Clears core emotional issues that relate to your personality type
  • Allows gentle and permanent letting go of many negative patterns of reaction and behavior
  • Brings about positivity and renewed sense of purpose
  • Increases compassion for self, bringing about self-acceptance
  • Reduces judgment and criticism of self

Within Relationships:

  • Gives real understanding of reactions and behavior patterns that cause difficulty, conflict, and pain within relationships
  • Helps us deal with difficult or challenging relationships—personal, work or friendship
  • Increases understanding and tolerance of others
  • Enable parents to better understand their children

The cost of this varies depending on how many people are involved.

We can do Enneagram assessments for individuals, families, or small groups. Call to schedule a Free phone consultation to find out if the Enneagram model can be useful for you.