1. How to Change the Way You Relate to Your Child!

    Parents are always telling their kid what to do and how they feel about things.  Think about it. “Smoking is bad – don’t do it.” “Premarital sex is wrong – don’t have it.” “Clean up your room.” “Do your homework.” “Get off your phone.” “Go to bed.” “those aren’t …Read More

  2. Watch your step (and expectations)!

    It was 2:30 A.M. in our house. The wailing cries of our two-month-old infant filled our home. My wife, dog, and I had our world turned upside down and, at this particular moment, not in a good way. I decided to take the lead in trying to soothe my daughter as she repeatedly wailed in my ear. Patting…Read More

  3. 5 “SMART” Ways to Start 2018!

    Happy 2018! It’s the time of year marked by fresh perspectives, new beginnings, and healthy ideas. There’s something cleansing about the start of a new year. We have the opportunity to make helpful choices for our health, work, family, hearts, and minds. Let’s make this the year where we lear…Read More

  4. 1 Question that will help you Break Free!

    In my last post, I talked about several ways of thinking that are highly unhelpful and inconvenient. I wanted to follow up with some ideas for how to start shifting these patterns so you can move towards a more streamlined and manageable way of thinking and responding. To recap, the fastest way to f…Read More

  5. In a galaxy far, far away… Santa came down the chimney.

    The car sped down the road, weaving through traffic at a moderate 45 miles per hour.  Inside the car, John Williams's Star Wars soundtrack blared through the speakers. In the driver's seat, sat a very excited and giddy 32 year old man: me. I was on my way to see the premiere of the latest Star Wa…Read More

  6. He Used the Word ADDICT

    When we hear big news—big, BAD, negative news—we are shocked, overwhelmed, and sometimes crippled.  Almost always, we just wish the news would go away. I will never forget being called in for a meeting in 2009. It was a Wednesday, halfway through the week, and our son was spending it at the Ca…Read More