1. How To Break An Addiction (Part 1)

    Part 2                 Part 3 Making new habits means changing your playgrounds, playmates, and playthings when it comes to breaking an addiction. This is a popular recovery metaphor that has been around for years and is absolutely necessary! Think of these categories as places, people,…Read More

  2. Why People With ADHD Are More Prone To Addiction

    Addiction and ADD seem to be like best friends. A very large number of adults and adolescents we treat for addiction also have ADHD. Sometimes, this has already been diagnosed before they come to us and sometimes we diagnose it after the fact. I often get asked about medicating children for ADHD bec…Read More

  3. Beating Addiction Requires Strategy!

    Cowboys don’t beat addiction, chess players do. Translation…. It is not about being tough; it’s about being strategic! You have to be smart to survive this cancer. YES, I MEANT TO CALL IT A CANCER!!! Have you ever heard that addiction/alcoholism is “cunning, baffling, and powerful”? There …Read More

  4. Addiction or Normal Teen Experimentation?

    Here are 3 ways to differentiate between normal teenage drug/alcohol experimentation and the beginning stages of an addiction: 1. Normal parenting interventions are not working (at least not for long). Addicted teens will continue to use drugs/alcohol even after you have done all the normal parent…Read More

  5. How Do Drugs Affect the Brain?

    This is a huge question to answer in a blog post but I’ll give it my best try. Let’s start with the brain as a whole and move into the more minute details of the subject. The base of the brain (brain stem) is often referred to as the “reptile brain.”  I like to call it the “croc brain,”…Read More

  6. 10 Things Parents Do That Make Addiction Worse!

    You didn’t cause it, you can’t control it, and you can’t cure it... BUT YOU CAN MAKE IT WORSE! If you’ve ever been to AL-ANON then you’ve heard of the 3 C’s -- you didn’t Cause it, you can’t Control it, and you can’t Cure it.  All of these things are very true, but there are defin…Read More

  7. “It” is coming after your kids too!

    I just saw the movie trailer for the new version of the Stephen King movie "It", and it scared the Begezes out of me!  If you thought the original was scary, this one is gonna make you jump out of your seat!  The clowns are 10x more gruesome looking. So basically, the story is set in a fictional…Read More