Campbell was led into the counseling field after two of her sons needed help for addiction. She was so impacted by this process, she decided to go back to school so she could help other families get through this difficult period of time. Campbell has a BA from the University of Virginia and received her Master’s degree from Clemson University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Campbell has all the right qualifications, and because she has been through it herself (TWICE), she understands exactly what it’s like… read more about Campbell.

  1. He Used the Word ADDICT

    When we hear big news—big, BAD, negative news—we are shocked, overwhelmed, and sometimes crippled.  Almost always, we just wish the news would go away. I will never forget being called in for a meeting in 2009. It was a Wednesday, halfway through the week, and our son was spending it at the Ca…Read More

  2. I Can’t Believe She Asked Me That?

    Clearly, you don't know us! I was having a conversation with my relatively new neighbor today and she asked me if either of our boys had ever “experimented” with drugs or alcohol.  Clearly, this woman barely knows us, in fact, has only met Margaret, our 21 year old, a fourth year UVA student. …Read More

  3. 2 Things That “Eclipse” Addiction!

    The Magnificence of Laughter My face hurts because I laughed so much tonight. It is significant to note, tonight was also the night of our weekly IOP Family group. PERSPECTIVE It sounds incongruent to report laughing so much your face hurts while at an Intensive Outpatient Program Family group, wher…Read More

  4. 2 Life Events — Car Accidents and Babies

    Taking It All for GRANTED... Sometimes, I think I have it all together and that I have figured out the way to live. Sometimes, I forget I have been spanked around and that I need to remember what I have learned. Today was one of those days. I am planning to meet my husband Frank, my daughter Margar…Read More

  5. Why Would Someone Hurt Themselves?

    HOW COULD YOU ANYONE DO THIS TO THEMSELVES? Cutting, burning, or otherwise harming yourself (self injurious behavior) is probably the least understood addiction we treat at Hope For Families.  It's difficult to understand why someone would deliberately hurt themselves.  Drugs, alcohol, sex, shoppi…Read More

  6. Opiate Addiction, You Will Never See It Coming

    Opiates are so ultimately deceiving as the drug of choice for our loved ones because you can’t smell them or, really see them, until the signs are blatant - and even then, unless you’ve been down the block a few times - not obviously discernible.  When my 16 year old son was abusing them, it ne…Read More

  7. Amber & Campbell Make Fools Of Themselves

    So Campbell and I decided to audition for TEDxGreenville. We didn't make it but we got to the third round and learned a lot in the process. For round 3 we had to submit a 3 minute video clip to give a "sneak preview" of what we would talk about. The feedback we got was that it was a little too humo…Read More