My clients are usually males and often have been told to come to counseling by a woman, usually a wife or mother. I try to help guys understand some of the secret messages the women in their life are giving them. I believe understanding and following one’s values helps my clients be the men they truly are meant to be. My style is relaxed but direct as I know many men are not looking for the stereotypical counseling experience… read more about Cole.

  1. In a galaxy far, far away… Santa came down the chimney.

    The car sped down the road, weaving through traffic at a moderate 45 miles per hour.  Inside the car, John Williams's Star Wars soundtrack blared through the speakers. In the driver's seat, sat a very excited and giddy 32 year old man: me. I was on my way to see the premiere of the latest Star Wa…Read More

  2. 10 Truth-Bombs for “Fixers”!

    To Fix or Not to Fix? Hi, my name is Cole and I´m a fixer.  I define ¨fixer¨ as someone who goes solution first when a loved one comes to them with a problem.  I know I am a fixer because there have been many times over the years when my wife has uttered these dreaded words, ¨No, just listen. …Read More

  3. Life Lessons From A Cactus

    Life Can Get Prickly! It all started with a mountain bike ride through the desert.  On a trip to Arizona awhile back, a friend and I decided to mountain bike around Sedona. Being relatively new to mountain biking at the time, I consulted with my buddy, a much more experienced rider, about what I …Read More

  4. A substance abuse counselor´s love letter to Star Wars

    To celebrate the upcoming release of the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One, I thought it would only be appropriate to get vulnerable and pen a love letter to my favorite film franchise. Dear Star Wars, It was love at first sight in the late 80´s as my young mind was fascinated by your ships, heroe…Read More

  5. How Does Family Counseling Help?

    There are several angles to this question that need to be examined so let´s try to answer it concisely! 1. We're all social! First, when someone is going through a struggle, it invariably affects the individuals who are close to that individual.   We´re social creatures and are naturally connecte…Read More