I’ll bet you want to know what we’re like as people, in addition to our qualifications?

Guys need therapy too. Most of the men in my family are firefighters or police officers. When they’re not working these dangerous jobs, they enjoy spending as much time as they can hunting, fishing, or riding motorcycles…Read More

Cole's Back Story

When I made the decision at the age of 53 to return to school to get my master’s in counseling, my friends all said, “Oh my God! You will be 56 when you graduate, why are you doing this?”…Read More

Campbell's Back Story

Even though I am a counselor I understand how hard it is to open yourself up to people you don’t know very well. To be really honest it has been difficult for me to write this..Read More

Kim's Back Story

I think that a lot of the time, we get in our OWN way. We are smart, capable people. So why does it feel sometimes like we get stuck or bogged down?…Read More

Virginia's Back Story

The first thing people want to know about me is …“Are You in Recovery?” Sometimes they ask me directly and other times they don’t (but I usually know they’re wondering about it). …Read More

Amber's Back Story

People always ask me why I decided to become a Therapist.
But instead of asking “why did you become a therapist?”…Read More

Jeff's Back Story