5 Steps To Your Solution!

Watch The Videos To See Exactly How We Do It

Step 4

* We are addiction specialists, and we know this disease inside and out.  We will help you anticipate it's every move!

Step 1

* Every situation is unique, which is why we have a whole team of specialists to assess & treat every aspect of the problem. 

Figure Out What's REALLY Going on! 

* family treatment has been proven to be 3x more effective than traditional addiction treatment alone!

Step 2

Look At It From Every Angle.

Step 5

* We are the ONLY treatment facility in the upstate that uses modern technology to monitor drug and alcohol use around the clock.

Step 3

* Unlike traditional counselors, we actually give you direct answers to your questions and specific advice about how to solve your problem! 

"Without Campbell Manning and HFF I don't even want to think about where we would be as a family. I was never a believer in counseling but now I would recommend it to anyone and HFF would be my first choice" - CM

Step 2

You're Probably Wondering How We're Able To Pull All This Off?

Have you ever worked for a big company?   If so, then you know how frustrating it can be to get things done quickly.

You’re not allowed to use common sense to solve problems, so when something comes along 

that doesn't fit perfectly into the organization's systems and policies, you have to keep doing what the system says to do (even when you know it’s not working).

All decisions have to go through about 50 levels of management before any changes can be made, which doesn’t allow for any flexibility or common sense judgement calls.

Treatment centers are no different.


They’re owned by big corporations who have to answer to shareholders, and insurance companies.

Which means all the decisions are being made by administrative people who have never had any contact with the individual or their family.

At Hope For Families the people responsible for your family's direct care, have the freedom and flexibility to provide customized recovery solutions for your family.  

Because we don't have to get permission or wait for approval, we can make real time decisions so your family gets what you need when you need it. 

And We Do It All Because....

Hope For Families Recovery Center for Addiction Counseling

136 Milestone Way

Greenville, SC 29615

P) 864-906-2395

F) 864-670-5320


To protect the confidentiality of our clients the images used in conjunction to our client testimonials are not images of the actual clients who left these reviews. 

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