Adults & Adolescents struggling with Substance Use Disorders

Have you ever heard of a functional alcoholic or addict?

Unfortunately, most people think that an alcoholic or addict uses all day, every day. But the truth is, drug and alcohol problems happen in stages (4 stages to be exact). In stage 3, the individual starts to experience a lot of complications and consequences of their drinking or drug use, such as decreased school or work performance, arguments with family or friends about their drinking or using, loss of interest in hobbies/activities, financial problems, and they may even get a legal charge such as DUI or possession.

But, they can usually stop their drug or alcohol use for periods of time.

In fact, in stage 3, the person tries multiple times to stop, cut back, or control their substance use. They may have some short term success, but the problem keeps coming back. They usually promise loved ones that they’ll stop or slow down, but often they’ll just work harder to hide their drinking or drug use to avoid conflict.

This creates A LOT of conflict and tension in the home!

At our alcohol drug and treatment center, we help these individuals, “functional alcoholics and addicts”, get the problem under control before they hit bottom by providing the right balance of education, structure, support, and family services to untangle this mess.

With our Intensive Outpatient Program, it’s possible to get the problem under control without having to go away to rehab for long periods of time. You can stay connected to your loved ones, job, or school, while you gain your footing in recovery. You don’t have to lose everything to get into recovery. The sooner you get help, the better your chances of getting long-term sobriety.