I think that a lot of the time, we get in our OWN way. We are smart, capable people. So why does it feel sometimes like we get stuck or bogged down? Many people I work with are not only very successful and accomplished, they are also really smart. One of the first things I hear is something like this: “I know this is irrational, but I can’t seem to stop thinking it or change it!” Or, “If I could only get myself to start/stop this thing, I would feel so much better!” So here’s the deal. Worry and over-preparing are literally the worst. I would know. I should have a gold star for my efforts. Somewhere between great ideas and action lives this nasty little place called doubt. This is where our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can either propel us forward or cause us to stay where we are. My personal mission is helping people plow through this space and into action.

In my office, we keep it real. I work best with people who are ready for change and are having trouble getting into action. They are tired of not feeling like themselves, not sleeping well, worrying too much, and not feeling joy in their life (or constantly feel like something is missing.)

I work a lot with women but also relate well to my male clients. I have a twin brother and like to think I speak “guy” pretty fluently. I understand that my male clients are not usually excited to talk about feelings. We can move through all kinds of challenges without having to rely too much on answering the question, “How does that make you feel?” We will approach your situation like a detective and find workable strategies to keep it moving in a way that feels natural and makes sense.

As a former private school kid, an alum of a big SEC school, and a recovering overachiever and perfectionist, I guarantee you that I GET IT. The more “together” you look, the harder it is to come to terms when things just aren’t working. You may or may not understand how you feel, but I want you to know that you aren’t “weird” or “broken” or headed for a straightjacket. Life is tough. There are so many choices and decisions! Even when some of these changes are exciting, they can still create stress.

A few years ago, I began a counseling practice. Since every new business needs a website, I decided to create it myself! I bought my domain name and set out to create the PERFECT website, the website of all websites that would launch my business. What stared back at me was a blank screen with a lot of white space. It took about one second for my excitement to turn to dread and uneasiness. My own doubt, worry, perfectionism and high standards slapped me right in the face. The good news is that I did create a website over the next few weeks. The bad news is that I did not publish it for several months. I would log in and change the shade of purple, or move a picture a bit to the right… You know, the really important things that matter. My own fear stood between a lot of diligent preparation and letting myself do what I am completely capable of doing. The whole time, I knew I was ready, [overly] prepared, and that what was holding me back was irrational. I finally published it and my business grew and none of the things I worried about ever happened. My message to you is PUSH PUBLISH. No one cares about what shade of purple you use… just do it!

I have a special place in my heart for working with young teens and young adults. Navigating the ups and downs of adolescence and young adulthood can be so exciting, but also downright scary and confusing at times. You probably hear people tell you these are the “best years of your life”, then wonder why you find yourself feeling freaked out and nervous all the time.

I like to think of myself as a really cool tour guide who can assist you in getting plugged into the opportunities and relationships that will satisfy and motivate you! Together, we will come up with realistic and practical solutions to get you moving through young adulthood like a BOSS!

Topics We Tackle Head-on:

  • Combating feelings of not fitting in or not having what it takes
  • Learning to silence the judgy and critical voice in your head
  • Wrangling feelings of perfectionism and feeling like nothing is ever quite “right” or “done” enough
  • Managing the pesky feelings of nervousness, ongoing stress, and uneasiness
  • Navigating peer and romantic relationships in a healthy way…who wants all that drama. Yuck!
  • Finding a healthy balance between having fun and getting things done

So what “project” are you working on? Let’s get you out of your own way and push publish. This is your life, after all, and you have many exciting things waiting for you on the other side of overthinking, second-guessing, and worry.

I look forward to working together.


Virginia graduated from Clemson University with a Masters degree in Counseling. She also has her BA from the University of Georgia. She has specialized training in the treatment of trauma and helps people get “unstuck.” Her prior work history involves working with trauma victims, families in crisis, and forensics. Virginia is very charismatic and connects easily with others.

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