Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Written By:Virginia Miller,LPC

HAPPY 2018!

It’s the time of year marked by fresh perspectives, new beginnings, and healthy ideas. There’s something cleansing about the start of a new year. We have the opportunity to make helpful choices for our health, work, family, hearts, and minds.

Let’s make this the year where we learn to work smarter, not harder. We begin by creating a solid game plan that is comprised of practical, specific, rewarding, and attainable objectives. Here are some ideas for your 2018 goal setting.


First things first. Take a few moments to reflect on where you are in your life by taking a look at the big picture. What is working? Acknowledge and feel proud of the accomplishments andpositive choices you have already made! Make sure to keep it a priority to continue strengthening what is already a success. Next, take inventory of areas that have opportunities for improvement. There is no need to look at this critically: just observe and see what you notice. Are you operating in a way that is consistent with the kind of person you wish to be? Are there things that have been put off way too long that need your attention? Remember that things just don’t “happen.” We must be intentional, diligent, and always move with purpose.


When it comes to actually setting goals, pick a few. It’s better to work towards a handful of thoughtfully chosen objectives rather than to get burned out taking on too many changes at once. Scan through the following categories to start getting more specific ideas for your goals:

  • Physical

  • Spiritual and Emotional

  • Work, School or Professional

  • Financial

  • Family, Friends and Personal Relationships

  • Personal

Now that you have a running list in progress, it’s time to select which objectives are most important. In order to set yourself up for the most success, keep in mind what tasks you actually have the time, resources, information and supports in place to accomplish. Make your goals“SMART”, which stands for:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant/Rewarding

  • Time Frame/Trackable


Once you have identified your goals, you are ready to begin! Remember that in order to move towards a healthier you, you must be intentional and do things on purpose…with purpose. What routines can you put in place to support your growth? For example, structure your morning to always include breakfast, identify your top three goals for the day, and one positive intention. At night, review the day and feel proud of what you accomplished, regroup for tomorrow, and always take a few moments to reflect with gratitude. When it comes to the day-to-day grind, expect that things are going to come up that you aren’t prepared for, and have a mindset that allows for flexibility. You do not have to do anything perfectly to make tremendous progress. Remember to call in your support system when needed, make time for fun and be proud that each day you choose to take care of your best self is a great day!

Happy New Year!


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