Written By:Amber Hollingsworth,LPC

7 ways to control your anxiety

1. Breathing: slow, mindful breathing helps to force the body out of panic and into a calmer state.

2. Grounding: focusing your attention on external things will help reduce anxiety. Ex; counting specific objects, or reading magazine, books, newspaper (avoid subjects that may trigger you).

3. Thought Stopping: recite a soothing saying or prayer of your choice.

4. Avoid Over-stimulation : reduce external stimulation particularly close to bedtime to help assist the relaxation and sleep process.

5. Journaling: this can provide a simple way to connect to your feelings and gain clarity in your thoughts about specific  problems.

6. Containment: remember that feelings are temporary and will pass. This can reduce the time you experience the negative emotion and decrease thoughts of hopelessness.

7. Resentment Box:  write down your frustrations and resentments and get rid of them. You can place them in a box, bury them,  or burn them.  This is a ritualistic way to give over your problems to your higher power or to the universe.

Bonus* Avoid the temptation to allow yourself to go inside your own head and fantasy about what ever it is that's making you worry. I call this going down the rabbit hole. It only fuels the problem. Distract yourself from the thought, and it won't have as much control over you!

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