Advice for Families of Addicts(3 Options)

Having a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem is like being held hostage. You're controlled by fear but motivated by resentment and frustration. The first step to taking your control back is to stop making emotional decisions and start making strategic, logical decisions!

In this video, I'll explain the 3 main approaches to solving this problem!

Option #1 - Al-Anon approach - Detach With Love.

Pros - It's been around a long time and shows great support & effective, plus it doesn't cost anything to attend meetings.

Cons - Reliant on the person with the disease of addiction to wake up and decide they want to do better for them self on their own. This can be really hard because they're destroying their life before your eyes which in return is destroying yours.

Option #2 - Confront it - Tough Love Approach

Pros - Goes a long way to preserving the rest of the family. Putting boundaries in place.

Cons - Doesn't necessarily make the addict get better. They will keep drinking and using despite consequences.

Option #3 This is the approach we use here at Hope for Families - The CRAFT Method(Community Reinforcement and Family Training)

Pros - We walk the family through step-by-step on how best to get the family on the road to recovery. This approach is statistically more effective than any other option.

Cons - It's really difficult to get access to this method. This is a much less known approach and fewer people are trained in this approach.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

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