Alternatives to 12-Step Programs for Addiction Recovery

If you've been around long enough to watch a few of my videos, you know that we are a non-denominational recovery center. We like all of the ways of getting recovery. We believe any route you take to get sobriety is a good way in our book! We're going to explore the old school way of thinking when it comes to getting sober and the new way of thinking.

The old school way makes you believe you have underlying conditions that you have to fix before you get recovery. That there's something wrong with you or that you're

inherently broken.

The new way of thinking is all about how you think about drugs/alcohol. When you start thinking about it differently there's a mind shift. You realize you don't like the substance and you're not going to miss it. As you've developed this addiction, you've also developed a problematic thinking pattern not just about the addiction, but about your life. And that's the way you've made your self okay with continuing your addiction.

There are some processes other than the substance that has gained momentum and these are unhealthy thinking processes that if you don't repair is very likely to lead you to relapse.

Amber Hollingsworth

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In this video, Addiction Counselor Amber Hollingsworth goes through all 12 steps and suggests alternative ways of thinking about the religious aspects, powerlessness concepts, and other concepts that tend to cause roadblocks for so many. The 12 steps can be adapted to better fit more people.

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