Are You Being Micromanaged by Your Family?

You've lied, manipulated, stolen, etc. It's hard for your family not to micromanage you after you've gone through addiction and put your family through it.

I heard this from a client a few years ago and I love this analogy for this topic:

"You can't throw a glass up against the wall and be upset that it broke into pieces!"

People in early recovery, watch this video to learn how to get your family to stop micromanaging you!

Here are a few of the steps I'll cover in the video:


You're going to have to be humble enough to accept the fact that you drove them crazy during active addiction.

Be open to the idea that it won't happen immediately.

There's a long history of the times you've lied, manipulated and you're going to have to have some understanding that your families are going to slip up.


Practice 100% honesty, that comes down to being honest about any and EVERYTHING! even if it's small. Vigilantly honest and transparent.


The real meaning of vulnerability is learning to seek out and ask for help. To be truly vulnerable in recovery, it begins with being totally candid and honest with yourself.

Amber Hollingsworth

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