At-Home Drug Testing(Easy, Affordable, Effective)

Being a parent these days presents a host of challenges. Peer pressure to use drugs can be intense and difficult to resist. So, if you’ve just found out or had a reason to believe your child is using drugs, I want to encourage you to do drug testing regularly.

To be clear, the point of using at-home drug testing is NOT to "catch" someone doing something wrong. That is the worst way to go about this situation and can have negative effects on the family dynamic. We're only trying to prevent them from making more bad choices.

"What do I do if I think my kid is using drugs?"

"My loved one came out of treatment and I'm afraid they may use again."

These are common questions and concerns for you to have for your child.

Testing your child can make a lot of sense for worried parents. After all, testing kits are readily available, relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

In this video, I'm going to give you the ins and outs of at-home drug screening which will include:

  • Where to get tests inexpensively

  • When you should test

  • How to interpret the results

  • How to administer them without an argument

  • How to react if there is a positive result

Teenage substance use is a perplexing problem. But, it is a problem that parents should be empowered to help solve.

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Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

If you do get a positive test, I want you to watch these videos next. It's all about how to get on the same parenting page with your spouse.

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