Boundaries with an Addict or Alcoholic(Emotional Abuse)

Keeping healthy boundaries is a constant struggle when living with an addict or alcoholic but some should be NON-NEGOTIABLE!

There are 3 levels of psychologically aggressive behavior.

  1. Does your addicted loved one turn everything back on you like it's your fault?

  2. Gaslight you? For example, an addict or alcoholic will make you think you are crazy by saying things like "I never said that." or "That's not where I was, where did you get that from?"

  3. Emotional Blackmail- Making threats to their safety and well-being. Or bringing up things that you've done in the past to deflect the situation

In this video, we'll explore what to do if an addict or alcoholic becomes emotionally abusive to you.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

If your loved one is threatening suicide or harming themselves, watch this video next:

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