Can You Overcome Addiction On Your Own?

Updated: Aug 7

Can you overcome addiction on your own? Well, it depends. If you mean completely by yourself and you tell no one, the answer is no. If you mean can you overcome addiction without going to treatment or a 12-step program, then yes!

Here's why you can't overcome addiction on your own and in secrecy...

When you're struggling with addiction, you're constantly rationalizing, justifying behaviors, which allows your addiction to grow. You can't trust yourself when it comes to your own addiction. The light has to be turned on the addiction and come to light. You're going to need some other kind of support. Not only does addiction live in darkness, but so do those uncomfortable emotions like shame, guilt, and depression. As long as your holding those secrets inside, you're subconsciously pushing your loved ones away. The antidote to addiction is connection. You absolutely need those supports around to get you through recovery.

Watch the full video to learn how you can come up with an effective plan to overcome addiction!

Amber Hollingsworth