Causes Of Drug Abuse and Addiction/Alcoholism

Many factors contribute to drug abuse, addiction, and alcoholism, but this is one you've probably never thought about before!

(Hint--It's not genetics, environment, or trauma)

Most importantly, this is the one factor that you may have some control over!

What if I told you the result of addiction is someone who pushes themselves too hard or uses excessive willpower? Not what you thought I was going to say, is it? A lot of the time, people think of addiction as someone who doesn't have a lot of willpower or self-discipline. Honestly, the people that I see a lot in my office are the ones that push themselves excessively. They don't reach for a drink or use drugs because they're lazy. It's also not because they don't have the willpower. They're trying to push themselves beyond the limits of what is humanly possible. The clients that I see are people that are in professions like business owners, nurses, doctors, etc. The type of people in these professions falls short because they're pushing themselves all day. They find themselves grabbing a drink or using drugs to help wind down and shut their brain down.

If this is you struggling with this, I want you to start trying to manage your willpower differently and make sure you don't use all of the gas in your gas tank.

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Often times the 12 steps do not work for everyone because people really struggle with the concepts of higher power and powerlessness.

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