Changing This Can Break The Cycle Of Addiction Forever

"Change This One Thing, And Break The Cycle Of Addiction Forever!" The title of this video can be a bit controversial. I make some pretty bold statements! (#truthbomb)

I was so worried about this video, that I sent this video in an email to a few friends of mine in recovery to make sure it doesn't come across as too harsh. It's for sure a KEEPING IT REAL type of video. I can't wait to see what you think.

This video is for the loved one in your life that has a substance abuse problem or alcoholism. It’s important that those struggling with any type of addiction not get caught in a victim mentality. To stay out of that mentality, you have to do what I'm going to tell you in this video to get back control of your life! Allow me to explain!

Amber Hollingsworth

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How to stop addictive behavior and avoid relapses for good! Identify irrational thinking patterns that can trigger relapse and contribute to ongoing addictive behaviors. You're beliefs, values, and fears are controlling your behaviors.

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