CRAFT Method-Approach to Addiction

The CRAFT method (Community Reinforcement And Family Training) has been proven to be the most successful form of family intervention for addiction. Statistically proven to work better than Al-anon alone or family interventions.

Our goal is to help you figure

out what the best approach is for

your family and be well-informed.

Al-anon deals with the family side of 12-step recovery and has a 23% success rate. The Al-Anon approach does help with decreasing the symptoms and problems relating to the addicted loved one. This method has the family detach with love and relies heavily on the addicted person to hit bottom.

Family Interventions(Johnson Model) has a success rate of 16%. If you've ever watched the TV show Intervention, this is the model used in the show. The family draws a hard line sets boundaries and confronts the person with love. I advise to never use this method unless you are doing so with the help of a trained interventionist. I've watched this type of intervention and it sometimes puts the user in a worse situation and causes feelings of hurt, shame, and resentment toward their family members. Do not try this approach without a trained interventionist. We made a video about this topic. You can watch it HERE.

The CRAFT method is the model we like to use here at Hope for Families. This model has a 64% success rate for families dealing with a loved one with a drug/alcohol problem. It's based in science and teaches the family members how to structure the environment that helps to lead the person to decide to get help, stop drinking/using drugs. Rather than target the person with addiction directly, CRAFT works with the concerned significant others so that they can assist the identified patient. We walk the family through step-by-step on how best to get the family as a whole on the road to recovery.

There are downfalls to using this approach, but it just comes down to having difficulty getting access to this method. This is a much less known approach and fewer people are trained in this method as well.

Watch the video to find out how and why this method works best. Leave a comment below if you've had experience with CRAFT.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

If you've ever wondered if it's a good idea to bring your kid home after treatment/rehab you have to watch the video below next to avoid making major mistakes!

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