Dangerous Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Addiction withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to very serious (even life-threatening!). Of course, withdrawal is different depending on the actual addiction, which his why you need to know what to look for. This information will help you make decisions about whether or not you/a loved one needs to get a medical detox or if it's safe to go through withdrawal at home. Withdrawal Symptoms to look for that can be D A N G E R O U S!💉💊🚫⚠️

Topics covered in this video:

Common withdrawal symptoms from a variety of substances

The differences between the substances

How to identify when someone has crossed into the danger zone of withdrawal symptoms

*Do not use this video in place of a medical professional's advice. I want you to understand what it looks like and have a general idea of what is in the safe zone and what's not in the safe zone when it comes to withdrawal symptoms.

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Understanding the psychology of addiction allows you to know what is coming next and ultimately how to beat it.

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