Expressing Empathy When You're Angry

Expressing empathy toward your loved one can be a giant hurdle to conquer especially when it's not reciprocated.

You may be thinking, "Why should I have to show empathy? They have lied and said hurtful things to me! Why doesn't he/she get their act together"?

Some of these thoughts are valid even as a counselor myself, I still have days when a client infuriates me. I have to dig deep to keep my head on straight and not act out of emotion.

In this video, I will teach you three techniques to work past these barriers of feeling resentment and express empathy instead of anger so your loved one will have less of a need to lie to you or push you away. Learning this is going to be essential to gaining your loved one's trust and eventually getting them one step closer to sobriety and increasing the chances of recovery.

Amber Hollingsworth

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