Written By:Amber Hollingsworth,LPC

So I am laying in my bed reading “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss to my 4 year old son (for about the millionth time).  When I had one of those light bulb moments. It suddenly occurs to me that this book is The Story of My Life!

Most of my days are spent convincing someone to try something that  they are ADAMANTLY against. Getting clients to go meetings/group therapy is the perfect example of this.

Here is how it goes EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Me: “I think having some positive recovery supports would help you a ton.”

Client: “I don’t like talking in groups.”

Me: “Would you like it in a smaller group?”

Client: “I would not like it in a small group.”

Me: “Would you like it in AA?”

Client: “I would not like it in AA.”

Me: “Could you would you try NA?”

Client: “I do not like groups at all, no small groups, not AA, and no I will not try NA!”

Me: “Could you, would you, with a friend?”

Client: “I would not/could not, with a friend!”

Me: “How about Celebrate Recovery?”

Client: “I would not like it even with a friend, I would not like Celebrate Recovery, I would not like it in any way!”

Me: “Will you try in online?”

Client: “I will not try it online.”

Me: “Could you, would you, try FAVOR?”

Client: “No!  Not in a small group, not AA, not NA, not Celebrate Recovery, not even with a friend.  I would not try FAVOR, not now or EVER, and NOT ONLINE!”

Me: “Oh please would you try it just a little, come on, you might like it.  Try it, try it, you will see!”

Client: “Ok, I’ll try it, but you will see, groups are just not for me!”

The Following Week…

Client: “I liked it, I liked it!  They are just like me!  I think this recovery thing JUST MIGHT BE FOR ME!!!!”

So what’s the moral to my Seussian, counselor-client rhyme? Keep an open mind about these support groups and you might find an understanding community out there that fits you perfectly!

It’s easy and safe to dig your heels in and stubbornly resist but sometimes you have to swallow your pride and trust in the process.

Sometimes you just have to go out there and try some green eggs and ham and do so in a

variety of settings until you find one that keeps you strong and on the path to recovery….in a manner of speaking I mean of course!

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