Hitting Rock Bottom - The Realities of Addiction

The idea that people have to hit rock bottom to recover from addiction is probably the most destructive myth out there on addiction.

If you've been struggling with this for yourself or a loved one, we're going to explore why this thinking can be counterproductive. One of the most basic definitions of addiction is this, "something that someone does even though it's causing negative consequences in their life". With that said, this idea of rock bottom being this major consequence that's going to make someone stop goes against the true definition of addiction.

"Consequences do not cure addiction consequences make addiction WORSE!"

Think of it this way, addicts and alcoholics have consequences like losing their job, their family, their homes, and sometimes, unfortunately, their lives. Despite all of those negative consequences, they don't stop using.

At the beginning of getting out of the addiction trap, it's all about managing your will power.

Please stop waiting for rock bottom. We like to say you've hit your bottom when you PUT THE SHOVEL DOWN.

Amber Hollingsworth

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