How Addicts Manipulate(Part 5)

As we continue on in our series on How Addicts Manipulate, we are going to take a look at tactic #5, which is making empty promises. Be sure and watch the whole video because there are 2 bonuses near the end! We've added the 6th way that addicts manipulate their loved ones!

This manipulation tactic is when the addict or alcoholic promises to do better.

Now sometimes, the addict or alcoholic has no intention of doing better. They're just trying to get you off their case. You have to understand the nature of addiction is to buy FIVE MORE MINUTES, THE NEXT USE, or THE NEXT DRINK!

What any family member or friend of someone in the center of addiction must keep in mind, is that the lying isn’t personal. A lot of family members are hurt because they take it that way. The addict is sick and doing anything possible to allow his/her addiction to live on.

If you hear your loved one making any of the following promises:

  • "I promise to cut back!"

  • "I'm going to stop!"

  • "I'll only do it on weekends!"

  • "I'm done, I promise!"

Here's what you need to know...

These promises have to be backed up by some kind of action & change that will sustain them being able to keep that promise!

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

Watch the video below next. It's all about how to stay out of the drama triangle!

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