How Addicts Manipulate Their Families(Part 3)

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

There are multiple ways how addicts manipulate their loved ones, but in this video, we focus on how addicts and alcoholics keep everyone apart.

Manipulation & Splitting

Addicts don't want the people around them to be able to communicate. Addicts and alcoholics intentional split loved ones apart, keeping them separate or even angry with each other. This is especially typical for teens that struggle with substance abuse. Sometimes they will cause rifts between their parents to accomplish their goal of weakening them as a unit.

When your loved one uses this tactic, be honest and open about it with everyone involved. It’s best to talk it out openly with everyone.

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Amber Hollingsworth, Hope for Families Recovery Center

Did you get a chance to watch Manipulation Part 2? Watch it here! This is our favorite manipulation tactic addict's use! You're not losing it, it's them making you think that.

Manipulation Tactic #4 (Starting An Argument)

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