How Do Good Kids From Good Families Get Addicted?

Lucas came from a very loving family, went to a private Catholic school, and was taught to be hardworking and responsible, but none of these things protected him again developing a severe addiction problem before he was even old enough to drive.

Like many teens, he experimented with alcohol and pot, but by the time Lucas was 15 years old, he had developed a full on crack addiction. His parents tried relentlessly to help him.

They changed his school multiple times, they sent him to treatment over and over again, they kicked him out, but nothing they did seemed to make a difference.

Lucas' parents had to watch their son spiral into addiction and nothing they tried could stop it.

Lucas experienced every major consequence you could imagine. He lost friends, he didn't graduate high school on time, he overdosed multiple times, he lost friends to overdoses, he was homeless, and the list goes on and on. None of these consequences made a difference.

Recovery Qoutes

His parents got him into treatment multiple times. They tried everything they could think of: Inpatient addiction treatment centers, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), counseling, 12 step programs, medication assisted treatment recovery residence programs, half ways houses, 3/4 houses, but every time he would get out of a rehab center, he went directly back to drugs and alcohol.

If you're wondering how to help someone with an addiction who is in denial, this video is going to help you understand how people with drug and alcohol problems think and which will help you understand how to approach someone in denial.

Listen to Lucas as he explains his addiction almost destroyed his life and how he was finally able to break the cycle. This story is packed with lessons for any parent who has a child struggling with any type of addiction to drugs or alcohol.

To learn more about the Recovery Residence where Lucas is helping other young men find recovery, CLICK HERE

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