How to End the Power Struggle in Relationships

Do you get into power struggles with your partner or in other relationships? Do you sometimes care more about being right and proving your partner wrong than reconciling the argument?

Whenever this happens, it starts to feel like there are differences between the two of you that can lead to many ruptures. We start to realize that our partner isn’t as similar to us as we thought. We may even discover things we don’t necessarily like about their values or habits. But, you know what? That's completely OK!

In this video, Amber and Kim discuss how we can choose connection and taking a step back over being irked about every little thing.

Not only can you implement these steps with your addicted loved one, but also in other relationships.

Stay out of the drama triangle!

Learn how to identify and stay out of this power struggle with your loved one!

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

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