How To Finally Get Through To Your Kid About Their Drug or Alcohol Use!

Luckily nature equips parents with all the right instincts to raise a child. Those instincts serve you well and are almost always right on target.

However in the case of addiction, YOUR INSTINCTS ARE GOING TO MAKE THINGS WORSE!


In this video Amber, explains how and why your natural parental instincts will lead you astray when it comes to parenting a kid with a drug or alcohol problem.

6 Step Process For Getting Through To Your Kid About Their Drug or Alcohol Use

Step 1: Get out of the bad guy role!

Step 2: Get on the same page with your spouse about the issue.

Step 3: Allow natural consequences to ensue

Step 4: Express empathy for their situation (But do NOT fix their problems)

Step 5: Help them come to the conclusion that the drugs and alcohol are negatively impacting their life.

Step 6: Positively reinforce and steps in the right direction.

Obviously this is the very simplified version of Hope For Families Invisible Intervention. To learn more about these techniques, make sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and go to the playlist for PARENTS.

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