How to Find an Addiction Treatment Center for Your Son or Daughter

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

You see the signs and know the behavior. It's time to pull the trigger and find a treatment center to help your son or daughter with their addiction.

Now, finding one can be overwhelming as there are SO many options when it comes to treatment for your specific child. You feel lost and on top of that, the cost of treatment is a big factor!

Problems that can occur when looking for treatment:

  • Cost- insurance doesn't usually pay for all of the treatment cost

  • Scarcity- There are very few treatment centers for teens

  • Knowledge in treatment- picking the wrong treatment center for your teen could be detrimental to their recovery

In this video I'll explain the cost, effectiveness, and why each center may or may not be a good fit for your teen and family.

While you're there, don't for get to subsrcibe!

Hope for Families,

Amber Hollingsworth

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