Written By:Amber Hollingsworth,LPC

I’ve been waiting to see the new Trolls movie for months.  When I first saw the preview, I got excited because it brings back nostalgic memories from my childhood (I had the original “really ugly” trolls).  So, my son and I went to see it on opening night, and I LOVED it!   I loved the fabulous hair, the fun sound track, and the wise lesson.

Here’s the premise:

The trolls are so happy that they party, hug, dance, sing, and fart glitter all day long!  At first look it appears that the trolls are always hugging, singing, and dancing because they are so happy, but science tells us that it’s doing those things creates the happiness.

Most people have the idea that once they feel happy they will do happy things (feeling and then behavior).  When in actuality, it’s the opposite that’s true.  If you want to feel happy, you need to do happy things.  Behavior comes before feeling!!!!

The Gorgans (bad guys) are miserable and think they need to eat trolls to be happy. Much like addicts and alcoholics, the Gorgans can only be happy when they “eat a troll”, and are miserable without them.  This gets to be a pretty crappy way to live because they “need” to get their happiness from external sources (a very limited external source).

I’ll admit that it is hard to make yourself behave in a way that you don’t feel, but it’s the only way to get the momentum going. The movie ends with the Trolls teaching the Gorgans to dance and sing and then the Gorgans get happy.

If you want to be happy then ACT HAPPY!  It will trick your brain into producing “happy chemicals”. Then you won’t need to go around trying to keep a constant fuel of happiness streaming in from some external source.  Addicts and alcoholics know what a full time job this can be.

So get your troll on and master the art of making your own happiness!

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