How To Help An Addict Or Alcoholic - (5 Things You Must Know!)

If you want to know how to help an addict or alcoholic, you must first start by developing a thorough understanding of these 5 things. Addiction doesn't play by the normal rules. Dealing with an addict or alcoholic is like living in an alternate universe, but once you understand this you'll feel much more in control over our own life and emotions in addiction to be way more effective at helping you're addicted loved one.

  • Get honest with yourself with what you're dealing with. Sometimes families can be in more denial than the addict/alcoholic.

  • Understand the biology/psychology of addiction. Get clarity on if you're dealing with someone that has a moral failure, character defect, etc.

  • Learn to differentiate your side of the street vs their side of the street. AKA: Boundaries! This concept is a really difficult one to master, but it's possible!

  • Don't allow the addict to put you in unhealthy roles(bad guy role) or making it seem like everything is your fault. We have a whole video on the different roles you can get pulled into. It's called the drama triangle(Rescuer, Persecutor, Victim). You can watch that video HERE.

  • Learning how to have a conversation and lead a person to want to change and not be defensive.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

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