How to Help an Addicted Loved One

These are 10 prevalent, yet INEFFECTIVE things family members do to try to control their loved one's addiction. These behaviors are actually slowing down your loved one's recovery process.

  • Yelling, Nagging, Threatening, and Preaching

  • Spying (driving by to see if they're where they said they were, calling friends to see if their story lined up, going through their phone)

  • Soliciting help from outsiders (getting help from other family members, co-workers, friends, church family) a sure-fire way to get your addicted loved one to resent and not trust you.

  • Walking on Egg Shells (this isn't helpful)

  • Making you sign a "home contract" (don't do this!)

  • Giving Huge Ultimatums- a difference between a boundary and an ultimatum.

  • Bailing You Out of Sticky Situations

  • Taking things away

  • Controlling the money

  • They baby you! (protect you from everything)

If you want to find out why family members make these mistakes, watch this video next:

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