How To Intervene With An Addicted Loved One

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

How to Intervene With an Addicted Loved One (4 different ways)

When you see that title of this video, I know a lot of you probably think of the TV show, Intervention. You know the one where the interventionist gathers close family/friends and they write letters for the addicted loved one to read. It's super emotional and it kind of feels like an ambush for the addict/alcoholic.

That method is just ONE of the FOUR ways to intervene that we'll discuss in this video, but for any of these to be done effectively, you have to have the knowledge and the tools to pull it off or this can be counter-effective and BACKFIRE!BONUS* I'm going to share what method we use in our office every day!

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Amber Hollingsworth

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