How to Know if Someone is Telling the Truth

How to know if someone is telling the truth:

There are 5 simple ways to know if someone is telling you the truth (or at least being genuine with you):

  1. Using overly formal language.

  2. Not bringing up obvious topics.

  3. Their story isn't making sense or adding up.

  4. You feel bored disconnected when in conversation.

  5. If your gut is throwing up a red flag. Listen to your gut!

Did you know that people tend to lie to the people closest to them? Or that it's easier to lie to the people closest to you?

At Hope For Families Recovery Center, we specialize in treating addicted individuals (or people with substance use disorders) and their families. As you might imagine, being able to tell if someone is lying is a pretty important skill in our line of work.

In fact, I think addicts and alcoholics want to know that their counselor can tell if they're lying. They won't respect you if you believe everything they say.

To know more about how to tell if someone is lying go check out this video!

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