How to know if you (or your loved one) has "hit bottom".

My biggest pet peeve is hearing people say things like “I guess they just haven’t hit their bottom yet.”  There used to be a kid in my program who always said “You hit your bottom when you put your shovel down.”

In my mind, bottom means death, and I’d rather not wait for that.

This whole ‘hitting bottom’ thing, is a myth.

Here’s the problem with the concept…

First,  there’s no negative consequence that are harsh enough to make someone stop using.  In fact, the more damage done, the more the person wants to use.  Generally, as consequences get harsher, the using escalates .

The truth of the matter is that addiction/alcoholism thrive off of the shame and guilt produced by the damage the behaviors cause.

I see people getting better everyday, and believe me, they don’t have to ‘hit bottom’.  Honestly, the reason for the change doesn’t really matter- they just have to stop using/drinking.

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