How To Set Boundaries With Your Kid About Drug & Alcohol Use: (especially after treatment)

By: Amber Hollingsworth & Campbell Manning

Almost everything parents are told to do (when they have a kid struggling with addiction) is wrong! Sometimes even treatment centers give parents bad advice about setting boundaries.

The problem comes into play when parents continue to try and use regular old fashion parenting techniques to deal with addiction.

If parents have already tried all the normal parenting tricks, and the problem still persists, it's a huge indicator that they're dealing with a true Substance Use Disorder.

Eventually, they begin to see what they're really up against.

The next step is usually to try and get their child into some sort of addiction treatment program.

Unfortunately, most parents end up pouring tons of money, time, and energy into getting their kid into treatment, only to find themselves right back where they started.

Transitioning home from treatment is SUPER CRAZY HIGH RISK!

At Hope For Families, our first piece of advice is to try not to bring them back into the home, but sometimes it's just not avoidable.

As part of a the kids aftercare plan, the treatment center will likely instruct the parents to make some sort of home contract, defining all the rules, boundaries, and expectations of the house. Logically, the parent thinks the more defined the rules are, the more likely the kid is to follow them.

But, this is far from the truth. Overly detailed home contracts will only make things worse.

How's a parent suppose to know what to do about things like phone and driving privileges?

They want to know if it's okay to give their kid money or let them hang out with friends.

These are all natural concerns, and it's good that parents are aware of these potentially dangerous situations.

Make sure to watch this entire video, to learn what Campbell (our family recovery expert) has to say on the subject!

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