How to Set Boundaries Without Being Controlling

If you're living with an addict or alcoholic, this video is for YOU. I'm going to help you make strategic decisions instead of emotional 🥺and reactive 😡 decisions. I lay out a few different scenarios of living with an addicted loved one in this video, let me know which one you're dealing with in the comments below.

▪️Consequences▪️ VS ▪️Punishment▪️ VS


You want to avoid punishment whenever possible. The intent here is really important. One, understanding the intent is what's going to keep you sane and make wise choices. Two, showing you how to frame it up correctly is going to help your loved one learn lessons faster and have natural consequences for their behavior.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

Watch this video next, to let you know how far you should let them fall.

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