How you put a Stop To Relapse

Are you stuck in a relapse and it feels like you just can't get out of it? We are all about practical advice and strategies. That's exactly what I'm going to walk you through, how to get yourself unstuck from that relapse cycle that you're in.

The key to this is taking ACTION. Part of the reason you are stuck in a relapse cycle is that you keep telling yourself these vague promises, like, "today is the last day", or "Monday is the last day", or "when I use the rest of this". You keep telling yourself that it's going to be different tomorrow or later, some version of that, but you're not putting any action behind it. It's just vague promises. As you probably already know, if nothing changes then you are at a standstill.

Take a look at some specific actions that you can take by watching the video above.

Take inventory of what kind of bad influences you have in your life.

Are you keeping drugs/alcohol around "just in case"? That's a HUGE temptation. You don't need to make sobriety any harder than it already is. Get rid of it.

Bad influences can also be the people you're around. Are you putting yourself around people that are living the lifestyle that you're trying to get rid of?

Are you putting yourself around people that benefit from keeping you sick? You know exactly who I'm hinting at. Delete the numbers from your phone.

2. Step into the light.

What do I mean by that? You're going to have to bring to the surface what's been happening. I know you don't want to tell your family/sponsor the truth. You cannot recover in secrecy and darkness. That fuels the addiction.

3. Make appointments for more action you're going to take.

Call your sponsor/recovery coach to make them hold you accountable to a commitment that you're going to do something every week to keep you on track!

Taking these action steps will be much harder to continue in relapse and make it much easier to get rid of the addiction!

Amber Hollingsworth

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