How Has Your Addiction Hurt Your Family?

We're going to take a deep look into exactly how your addiction has hurt your family. I will prepare you, there's a lot of truth bombs coming your way and some of these won't be pleasant but just remember these things are not to try to make you feel guilty. I know that you already feel guilty.

9 TRUTHS of how addiction has affected the family:

  • You villainize the people in their life and use that as a way to justify their addiction

  • You're gaslighting (manipulate (someone) by questioning their own sanity)

  • You've got your family's hopes up and disappointed them over and over

  • You've pit family members and friends against each other

  • Your addiction has become a financial burden

  • Your family lives in constant fear when you're in active addiction

  • You've put your loved one in a rock in a hard place situation(probably more than once)

  • You guilt them

  • You push people away so that you can continue to hide your addiction

This is really to help you understand and have empathy for your family members' behavior. After you understand this, you'll know how to make the situation much better!

Amber Hollingsworth

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