Written By:Amber Hollingsworth,LPC

The number one most important symptom of addiction is not what someone is using or even how much, it’s about how much they are thinking about the substance.

There is no easy way to measure obsession, but if we could see it on a scan of some sort, that’s how we would diagnose addiction. It truly is the predominant symptom of addiction. It’s at the crux of all the other symptom

In the beginning, the obsession starts small. It may just feel like you are looking forward to the weekend, or you’re looking forward to getting the kids to bed so you can have a glass of wine.

As time goes on, the obsession grows! Eventually you start to become irritated with anything that blocks your ability to get to the substance. You may not even notice this is what’s happening. You may just feel irritated that you have to go to the school for conferences and it’s right during the time when you usually unwind and relax (a.k.a. have a few drinks, take a pill, or whatever is your routine).

If you get delayed from leaving work, you will feel a growing impatience and notice that you have less tolerance for the feeling of irritation.

You don’t have to be drinking/using in the mornings or even every day to have an addiction. If everything else in life begins to feel like “just the crap you have to go through to get to the good part of your day/week,” then the problem is there, and it’s growing.

If any of you caught my Facebook live earlier today, then you heard me talk about “The number 1 Reason To Stay Sober.”

***If you didn’t happen to catch it, then you can see the replay by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/addictionrecoveryhope/ ***

Spoiler Alert…. Any reason to get sober is a great reason! However, the best thing that you are going to get when you take this big leap of faith is….you are going to get your own thoughts back. It’s like a miracle. You can actually be fully engaged in the moment, and that’s the greatest gift of recovery!

It’s hard to know just how bad it is until you get on the other side of the withdrawal cycle!  You will actually start to enjoy things in your life again. No more “tolerating” life!

Don’t give another second of you life to this disease. It will steal every single moment if you let it!

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