I Knew Something Was Wrong, I Just Didn't Know What

A mothers story: Recovering your child from addiction. In this video, Campbell shares her personal story of how she first found out that one of her son's had a drug problem. At 17 years old he had a full-fledged addiction to opiates.

She discusses how she navigated the world of addiction/recovery treatment. (What worked and what didn't)

In a surprise twist, Campbell learns that her other (older son) also had a problem with opiates. This was devastating news to her (especially after having just gone through this with her younger son).

Addiction can have a devastating effect on families, but this story has a happy ending.

In the end, Campbell decided she wanted to help other families struggling with addiction. She went back to school, got her master's degree in counseling, and now works as our family specialist at Hope For Families Recovery Center.

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