Important Advice for Families in Recovery

In this video, David McNease(Greenville Transitions) and I will go through the top 10 common statements, phrases, and questions you should immediately stop saying to your loved one in recovery.

One of the most enabling things families can do when their loved one is in recovery is to slide into the 'BAD COP' role. This can be even more enabling than giving your loved one money!

In this video, David McNease and I will discuss a better alternative that won't cause your loved one to go into the victim role or even worse, RELAPSE.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

Watch this video next if you have a son or daughter in a sober living house.

Amber and David explain to parents the ins and outs of sober living house/program rules and expectations, so you don't make the mistakes that most parents make. These mistakes can sabotage the whole process!

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