Interacting With Treatment Providers

If you have a loved one in addiction or mental health treatment, it can be frustrating trying to communicate with their doctors, counselors, and psychiatrist.

It's doubtful that your loved one will get the best care unless their treatment providers have the WHOLE STORY, but the mental health system is designed to keep families at a distance.

There are ways to make sure your loved one's treatment team has all the information.

Top 3 ways to successfully communicate with the provider and get the results you want/need:

  • Don't bombard them with phone calls or emails about the addict's behavior or mishaps(tattle telling). Don't do it! Set boundaries for yourself.

  • Respect the dynamics of the situation that the provider has in order to get your loved one going in the right direction to recovery.

  • Don't show up to your loved one's therapy session.

Did you know that in most states teens have rights to confidentiality? It can be especially frustrating to parents who are paying for treatment not to be allowed to get information.

If you'd like to check out this video, I explain in detail how to effectively communicate with treatment providers.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families

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