Is it Okay to Give an Addict Money?

Is It Okay To Give An Addict Money? (Financial Accountability in early recovery). Financial accountability in early recovery is so very important but is also the cause of major stress for the family and the person in early recovery. Family members worry "is it okay to give an addict money". "How do I learn to trust an addict with money?"

David explains that Greenville Transitions uses a new technology called True Link. Which is a debit card that has safety controls like not being able to be used to buy alcohol or in a smoke shop. David also has the ability to put a daily allowance that can be spent and he can see what the residents are spending their money on.

True Link:

Troubles with money often persist long after substance use stops. Eight in ten adults who have a loved one with an addiction agree that regaining control of one’s finances is one of the biggest obstacles in recovery. Having ready access to money makes it easier to relapse in a moment of temptation. However, removing access to money is also an impediment to recovery – by making it harder to build a positive, sober life that many specialists cite as a key to recovery.

There was a survey taken that showed a sample of adults with a loved one who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol: ‍ • 87% said that banks or credit card companies do not offer much to help people with substance use disorders as they try to regain control of their financial lives • 77% said they wish there were tools that offered financial guardrails to help their loved one regain independence in recovery • 77% said they feel that their loved one having access to cash could result in relapse

True Link serves clients in all 50 states.

In this video we go over the details on how this important tool is used in early recovery.

What other tools have you found to be helpful?

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

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