Written By:Amber Hollingsworth,LPC

I just saw the movie trailer for the new version of the Stephen King movie “It”, and it scared the Begezes out of me!  If you thought the original was scary, this one is gonna make you jump out of your seat!  The clowns are 10x more gruesome looking.

So basically, the story is set in a fictional Maine town called Derry.  Near the beginning of the preview the narrator talks about how this town has a much higher disappearance rate (especially kids). These super scary clowns basically terrorize these kids and kill them.

One of the hallmarks of this movie is a single floating red balloon (its chilling to see). The clowns try to manipulate the kids into going with them by saying “if you come with us, you’ll float too”.

Even the preview for this film is gonna to scare you to the bone!

I just wish more kids understood this is the way addiction manipulates them as well.  The problem is, it doesn’t show up looking like a super scary clown.  It shows up looking like their friends and promises to make them more popular and help them feel better (somewhat similar to “if you join us, you’ll float too).

The only difference in this movie and addiction is that the clowns are clearly dangerous, and addiction hides behind a familiar face.

If people really understood the dangers of addiction they’d know it’s way scarier than a clown (and they’re pretty scary!).  I’m not sure how many children clowns have killed in real life (I’m thinking none), but addiction kills kids every day.  It doesn’t hide in the sewers, it walks right into their school, their neighborhood, and their home.

In an addiction training I recently attended, one of the speakers told us that every month more people are killed by addiction than were killed in the world trade centers on 9/11.  Most of us consider 9/11 one of the worst tragedies to ever happen in our country, but we don’t seem to understand the severity of the addiction crisis.

Addiction is the number one cause of death for young people in our country.  It is the most expensive problem our country faces BY FAR! We have a much higher percentage of our population in prison than any where else in the modern world (most of the people in prison are there in connection to addiction).


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