Living With A Functioning Alcoholic

I know what you're probably thinking, will living with a functional alcoholic ever get better? You're likely thinking there's just no hope because they're never going to get it, no one else sees it, and they won't admit it's a problem.

I can see why you feel that way because I bet for a long time you've felt like you're beating your head against the wall. Sometimes they'll acknowledge it and they'll do better for a little while, but then they'll fall right back into old behaviors. It's like around the merry-go-round we go. You probably feel like it's never going to stop.

Here's the truth of the situation, most likely if you're dealing with a high-functioning alcoholic, you're dealing with someone who can hold everything together or can stop drinking for a while. Almost to the degree that it keeps THEM from recognizing that they even have a problem. Trust me, you don't want to wait until this is a full-fledged binge drinking, have to have a drink in their hand type of situation.

With that said, you can't make someone skip the bargaining phase but what you can do is speed it up. If this seems like the best option for you, you may want to consider taking part in our invisible intervention process. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. scheduling an expert consultation with one of our family recovery specialists. They'll walk you through what to do to expedite this bargaining process.

  2. take our online invisible intervention process. This will give you the actual step-by-step instructions on how to get someone motivated to make big changes that stay. It'll show you how to have hard conversations. What to do when you hit roadblocks. What to positively reinforce and what to ignore.

The online course is a laid out step-by-step proven method we have done thousands of times. If you're going to try to salvage your relationship with this person then something needs to change. You don't want to stay in this slow death situation that you're in.

Amber Hollingsworth

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