New Ways Marijuana Is Being Used and Abused (A Guide For Parents)

Parents of teens and young adults, have you heard of the term DABBING? One of the newest methods of marijuana consumption. Dabbing is pretty questionable -- which is why we've created this video guide for the clueless, from an expert witness who will be explaining the ins and outs of using concentrated cannabis.

Topics we'll cover in this video will include:

  • What is dabbing?

  • How is it used?

  • The dangers of dabbing.

  • What to look for if you suspect your child is dabbing.

  • Can it turn into an addiction?

After watching the video and understanding what dabs are, try having an open, straight-forward discussion with your teen about the dangers of dabbing. You may be able to help him/her avoid trying a drug that could lead to a serious addiction.

Here's a playlist of videos you can watch next on how to talk to your teen/young adult about marijuana:

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